Dec 2015

Boost your work productivity with these 10 tricks. Get your #officeninja mode on!



  1. PEEP
  • Place for Everything, Everything in Place (PEEP).
  • Clear your physical workspace.

PEEP ensures that next time, you don’t go scrambling for that important client file, before your meeting.

  1. Ka-Ching your Day
  • Translation: think of every minute as a dollar’s worth of investment.

Simple logic – if you want to make the most of the day, you have to make the most of every minute.

  1. Be a Quick Perfectionist
  • Follow this golden rule of task accomplishment:

Deadline to stick by = Time I think I need. This rough ‘time-to-completion’ metric ensures that you are super-productive while sticking to deadlines.

  1. Plan for success
  • Everyone plans in different ways for each day. Here are some tools to make the “thinking through things” part easier for you.
  • Don’t like too many apps? Try Momentum. It comes as a Chrome plug-in, and features an easy to-do list tab on the side, along with a background photo and daily quote.
  • For those who like things old-school (think: pen and paper, or post-its) but also love getting things done, plan using the Eisenhower Matrix. 
  1. Plan Fast, Plan Early
  • Schedule time to plan your projects and tasks each day, either in the evening, or in the morning before you get to work.
  • When you separate your planning time from your tasks’ execution, you get more done faster in the day.
  1. Take timed breaks
  • Being an #officeninja is tough work, and every ninja deserves to take a break.
  • Before you go on your coffee break, remember to time yourself though.
  • A nice app to regulate your work slots and breaks is Pomodoro One.
  1. Be like Benji
  • Benjamin Franklin said this about his daily schedule: “No matter what’s happening in my life, coping and succeeding are both a matter of routine.”
  • Take stock of daily tasks in a well-timed routine so that you can ‘free up’ time to pursue other important tasks during the rest of the day.
  1. Get in the zone
  • Don’t know how to ‘get in the zone’? Here’s a quick checklist:
  1. i) Eliminate all distractions (think: unending chat notifications or hunger cravings)
  2. ii) Minimize non-urgent conversations
  • iii) Pace yourself –break down your task into smaller activities and time yourself for each activity. 
  1. Reboot your brain
  • Powering through the day can take its toll on your mind and body.
  • Take out 5 minutes around mid-day to engage your sedentary body –consider doing simple arm stretches while seated at your desk.
  1. Get ready for a new life

Being 100% productive all the time sounds a bit overwhelming – so before you embark on your #officeninja journey, remember: take each day as it comes. 

Here’s raising a coffee toast to the new you! 


Damini Roy