Aug 2012


“If we are not challenged, we are not going to change” this holds true for Digital marketing in India at this point of time.Digital advertising in India is the new kid on the block, and like some new kids, it seems to be having some trouble fitting in.

World sees India, as the next place to be in and investing in its youth, the digital marketers face surmounting challenges from all sides. When you look at a pessimistic way, I see lots of challenges. Take a break, come back and look again, you see lots of positives and feel thrill about it.  On a marketing perspective, I have clubbed some of challenges the digital marketers in India face today or may be in near future

  • Educating the client:  Do you prefer to have a good client? Take some time and effort to educate them on digital marketing. Having a huge budget earmarked for digital media or just having a Facebook page is not going to help anyways. Its easy to entice and convince client with digital parlance, but on longterm you will have a disappointed and grumpy client. No agency would prefer that. Extra effort to train client will pay you on longterm. We contemplate this fact and have various training modules of Digital marketing from leading experts in Singapore.


  •    Engagement is the fundamental: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” as quipped by John Wanamaker long time ago doesn’t hold in digital marketing as such. We spend, measure and improvise here with the watchword ROI. Here is the trouble in disguise- let go off the engagement factor. When I mean engagement, it’s not about the impressions, reach or SOV, but it’s more of intangible and broadly AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) principles of Advertising.
  •   Diversity- East to West, North to South, planning for a nationwide campaign or at a regional level, the interest, culture and tastes vary and is very visible in   any digital platform.  This is a debatable issue, as people use internet in the universal language english and covers the educated middle and upper class. True, but local flavours rule the roost. Take any successful marketing campaign in offline, we get the connect. Going forward where smart phones and mobile penetration will be higher than broadband, Digital Marketers have many platforms opened up to experiment. The challenge and success depends on understanding the diversity.

  •   Matrices Vs Creativity: Loads of data are available once a digital campaign is running or even while at the planning stage. Obsessed with data and its interpretation may lead to overlooking creativity by digital marketer. Coming up with really out-of-the-box idea or replicating some successful campaign or even tweaking an already successful campaign to get more leverage or any other viable options, should have proper balance with creativity and matrices.

  •  Getting it Integrated: Any digital campaign with its well defined goals have many platforms- e-mailers, sms,ad words, special promotions on Social media  and SEO and ORM which area long-term affair and many more to come in future. Each of these platforms has its own perils and should be approached with its own expertise. Thankfully, at present there are agencies /individuals who have expertise in each area and all a good Digital Marketer has to do is get it integrated.



Challenges on every day is definitely not thrilling…but learning and exposure while facing is definitely is. Long way to go for Digital marketing in India and a roller-coaster ride for digital marketers..!!!

Courtesy: Campaign Asia,, Dibert by Scott Adams.


Siljith Kandyil

is a Digital Marketing enthusiast, dabbling with tech ideas. He is currently the Operations Head of Happy Marketer and he also manages Happy Marketer’s Bangalore office. Siljith loves Che, Maradona and Steve Jobs in that order.