Aug 2013

It was a long weekend and I am guessing you made the most of it! 😉 Last week, Facebook announced that they are testing a popular feature ‘Trending Topics‘ for Facebook users. They also announced Story Bumping and Last Actor features which will put important posts high up in each user’s news feed.

Now let’s look at this week’s infographics that you don’t want to miss!

Tip #1:

Link Building has always been one of the hot topics in search industry. It’s time to work on your link building strategies again. Stop practicing these 5 things and you’ll find link building easier, and more risk-free in terms of penalties or algorithm updates!

Link Building Tips, Google Penguin Updates, Google Panda

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Tip #2:

This is one of my favourites! Last week Facebook began rolling out the ability for users to embed posts on their own blogs and websites. This infographics gives you tips on ‘How To Use Embedded Facebook Posts In Your Marketing’

Tips To Use Embedded Facebook Posts in Marketing

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 Tip #3:

YouTube Playlists make it easy for viewers to lean back and watch multiple videos with minimal effort. Here are few reasons why your brand channel should create a YouTube Playlist

YouTube Marketing Tips

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Tip #4:

Your landing page has a high bounce rate & you don’t understand why? There are be multiple reasons for this & the more prominent ones are listed below:

Analytics Tips, Landing Page Optimization

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