Jul 2013

On June 30, we all celebrated the ongoing digital revolution with Mashable’s Social Media Day. Social Media has changed our lives both in the way we do business and in the way we socialize. Don’t you agree? 🙂

Last month was quite eventful as we celebrated 4th Birthday of Happy Marketer with our visual history, beer & more! It’s July now & we are looking forward to the beginning of the 5th year of awesome infographics, tips, blog posts & lot of fun! Now, as we promised, let’s take you through this week’s Digital Marketing Infographics!

Tip #1:

In the post-penguin world, it’s become a lot harder to automate and use shortcuts to promote their business. Quality is now required. Here are a few Penguin-free Ways To Promote Your Content & Links:

Tip #2:

Learn what you need to measure to know how well your social campaigns are performing. These are 4 Essential Metrics a Social Media Manager needs to know in order to benchmark their success.

Tip #3:

Vine VS Instagram – the battle is still on! Which is better for creating and sharing videos from your smartphone? Find out the difference!

Tip #4:

We continue giving out tips on Google Analytics Content Experiments. Here are few testing guidelines to get the most out of them:

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Kanchan Lad

Kanchan is the Head of Project Delivery at Happy Marketer. She chooses traveling, swimming, crime fiction, celebrity gossip and prefers speed over stagnancy.