Jul 2013

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! In case you’ve been too busy to read up on our weekly tips, we’ve compiled a list of top 4 Digital Marketing Infographics from this week.

Tip #1:

Improving your AdWords Click-Through Rate means raising your Quality Score and search engine rankings, and lowering your cost per click and minimum bid. So here are 5 Powerful Ways to Improve your AdWords CTR:

Tip #2:

Facebook has let go of its restrictions on cover photo text! Now, you’re free to put as much textual content as you like. Before that, look at the 7 Best Practices to Facebook Cover Photos:

Tip #3:

Here is a compelling evidence suggesting that online video marketing should be a major focus of your advertising and marketing budget:

Tip #4:

Today’s reliance on the web and social media requires real time tracking and analytics that are delivered in real time. That’s why you should know these 5 Things You Can do With Real Time Data Tools:

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Kanchan Lad

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