Oct 2012

mobile game is a video game played on a mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, tablet computer, portable media player or calculator. This does not include games played on dedicated handheld video game systems such as Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita.

The first game on a mobile phone was a Tetris game on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device from 1994.


With the rapid evolution of consumer lifestyles, the modes of playing games have increasingly become digital. Technological advancements coupled with growing consumer demand for superior gaming experiences have led to a continuous evolution in the modes of digital game play.

With over 4 billion mobile users globally, advances in wireless technology have made mobile devices the next frontier in digital gaming. While mobile handsets still have some way to match the deep, rich gaming experience of dedicated consoles due to form factor limitations, their multi-functionality and widespread availability across a diverse user-base offers the scope to expand the digital gaming phenomenon to a mass audience.

Trends in Mobile Gaming Industry

Given the mobile technology advancements powered by continuous sales of smartphones, tablets, iPhones and a variety of other mobile devices mobile gaming industry has occupied the entire market niche in remote gambling industry segment. Furthermore, the expected development of mobile technology is sure to make mobile games more feature-reach and player friendly.

In 2010 in the USA alone mobile phone and tablet gaming sales reached $898 million, which shows more than a double increase since 2005 and this number is predicted to reach $1.6 billion by 2015.

Mobile gaming is emerging as a prominent segment of the digital gaming market. Between 2007 and 2012, analyst group CSMG estimates the mobile games industry will grow at a CAGR of 24.6% in the advanced gaming markets of Japan, Europe and the US, representing the fastest growing digital gaming market segment. In terms of revenues, Informa predicts mobile gaming will become a USD 7 billion global opportunity by 2013.



Championing Ad Campaigns with Mobile Games – ‘Plug-in Championship  by Toyota

Toyota’s new Mobile Game as part of Ad Campaign for the electric Prius PHV, the company created a new fun application which aims to make the mundane process of charging your phone into a fun game.

Called the ‘Plug-in Championship’ the objective of the game is to wait until the moving gauge on your screen is full until you plug-in your phone to its charger. Depending on how full the meter is, you’ll be assigned a score and ranked alongside global competitors.

The app taps on a global network of other users who are taking part in the Plug-in Championship as well!

When viewed as a marketing campaign for Toyota (the company is promoting its electric Prius PHV), it definitely looks more interesting.

Having a look at their promotional video via YouTube we will be able to see from its production value, the company has clearly invested a lot on this campaign.

This is not the first time Toyota is promoting its brand with an online game. Last year, the company created a Facebook game called Social Network Racer to promote its FT-86II concept model. And the fact that Toyota is taking this route again, is one indication that the strategy might be working.

Be the part of the Game- Cowboys vs Aliens vs Ninja’s (IndieGoGo Campaign)

The crowd funding campaign from Brazilian game dev team Dead Mushroom at IndieGoGo

Cowboy’s vs. Aliens vs. Ninja’s is an intense action game made with Unity engine where the player controls the fearless cowboy Chuck West to eliminate all ninjas and aliens who are taking the Old West

The campaign aims to raise funds for the game “Cowboy’s vs. Aliens vs. Ninja’s “so it can become available for free for iPhone and iPad in the AppStore, and Android via Google Play. It will also help the development of a version for Windows, MAC and Linux with improved graphics and gameplay. Everyone who contributes will receive various rewards.

Imagine having your picture plastered on a “Most Wanted” poster in the game.

There are perks starting from $ 5 with gifts like exclusive T-shirts, Mobile cases, a Digital Copy of the game for computers, and exclusive in-game items. If the campaign can reach four times its goal will be developed a multiplayer mode for the game.

The Art of Launching an App

The children’s market is a huge opportunity within the digital publishing arena. Jumping Pages, a children’s app developer, decided to enter this market with an expertly produced book app for children, the first interactive app version of the epic tale of David and Goliath.

Based on the work of the team of artists, animators and programmers, the iPad app is filled with vivid graphics and 3-D and 2.5-D animation that runs with interactive components at the same time on the same panel.

The reader is able to interact with hundreds of original assets: shoot arrows, catapult burning weapons, populate flowers. Shake the iPad to awaken the sleeping Goliath; sway the iPad to swing a hanging lantern; turn the iPad to change the character’s points of view.


Mobile games have evolved from a bundled freebie to a stand-alone value-added service, and emerged as a growing source of data revenue for mobile operators. As handsets continue to represent the convergence point of personal communication and entertainment, the future is bright for mobile games. However, several fundamental barriers have to be overcome before mobile phones can offer a ubiquitous mobile gaming experience to consumers.



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