Dec 2015

header.png.jpgHeadquartered in Singapore, fastacash is an international social payments platform founded in 2012. Gaining a staggering amount of recognition in 2014, the enabler of B2C payment solutions was featured in Innotribe Asia, Singapore Business Review and won two Red Herring Awards.

fastacash is the only technology platform that enables the secure transfer of any type of payment, across any social and messaging channel. In order for it to thrive in this highly innovative space, it had to expand the reach of its business. Did fastacash expect their leads to increase by 10x within one month? Here’s how we did it:

The Physical Factor: Plans for a Makeover 

As we began observing fastacash’s technological structure, we realised that the main vehicle from an online perspective for their business was their website. This was already generating leads every month, which was great but we knew they could do so much better. We took it upon ourselves to boost our client’s lead generation strategy by giving their existing website a makeover.

Getting Under the Hood: Reconstructing the Website’s Structure

Our analytics and CRM teams started by developing the company’s existing information architecture. The more we looked at the the logical flow of information for their website, the more we aligned our strategy with inbound marketing techniques. The first decision we made was to introduce a three-point journey into the website’s structure.


This would allow fastacash to stop visitors in their tracks, intrigue them with relevant information and secure them for another visit. Every visitor would leave details about themselves behind and we would glean insights from their navigation process and contact form requests.

Finding ‘The One’: Developing Customer Targeting Strategies 

The next step was building buyer personas so that customers found services that were relevant to them.

We used the audience data from the previous fastacash blog posts and marked qualities that were common with our target audiences. fastacash was going to value the individuality of its visitors and make them feel cared for through personalized content.

The Perfect Engine: Using HubSpot 

We now had the blueprint and the personnel to make fastacash’s dream a reality. All we needed was a catalyst to bring it all together. Our solution to harnessing website leads through audience targeting, pointed us into the direction of HubSpot – the leader in marketing automation.HubSpot.png Using this inbound marketing platform to build a website meant that we had could build effective call-to-actions, create successful buyer persona mapping and develop smart lists. HubSpot’s features promised to give fastacash the arsenal to compete in this fiercely competitive industry.

Landing Spectacular Results in Inbound Marketing

Once the engine of fastcash’s new website started running, the success we saw in just one month was pleasantly overwhelming. Landing-Results.png

Deeper Insights, Stronger Connections

By changing the flow of information based on the visitor’s persona and having a new contact form, fastacash’s sales teams better understand what their customers want in terms of services and technology requirements. HubSpot’s automated customer data service allows them to save time on researching new leads. 


Customers can also pinpoint which fastacash team members they want to hear back from, making the relationship truly meaningful. Today, fastacash is well equipped for the journey of tomorrow, forging real connections with customers from every field.


Belmond Victor

Belmond currently leads the Inbound Marketing practice at Happy Marketer. His interests lie in SEO, Analytics and Marketing Automation.