May 2016

University Websites Singapore

Source: Marketing Magazine

Our partner, Sanchit Mendiratta, shares his views on what an engaging, compelling and converting university website should really look like.

Read on to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the world of web design


SUTD Singapore Website


Finally, I came across a university website that not only addresses all questions excited teenagers would generally ask, but also inspires them to take action. As a prospective student, the first three things I notice are:

  1. The programme details
  2. The possible employment opportunities
  3. The cool stuff I get to build and do research on

These 3 things assure and intrigue me at the same time. The following section about research, innovation, news and upcoming events is information-heavy, but still doesn’t overwhelm. The “Why SUTD” accordion on the banner is unconventional, but beautiful, and the testimonial photographs are all so real – so much better than formal headshots or weird stock photos.

By the way, kudos to the person who sneaked the distinct personas on the secondary menu at the top. The homepage kept me engaged and I found myself reading until the end…slow claps!


Singapore Polytechnic Website


Isn’t it a crime to have a non-responsive website? The fixed width layout with empty columns on the sides leaves me asking for more. The banners look really corporate with those arrows and awkward photographs – all of which, if you notice, have people cropped somehow. RIP, composition. RIP, rule of thirds!

The second half of the page talks about the polytechnic, learning opportunities, notable alumnus and the internal magazine content – everything is good, but it doesn’t really nudge me to click and explore. The brochure ware box layout is not going to work for their cool target audience.

In the end, I found myself looking at the footer for the site map and more detailed links, which, I think, perhaps makes more sense than the three menus at the top of the page. Wait, why would a website have three menu bars?

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 This article was first published in the Marketing Magazine May 2016 issue.

Sanchit Mendiratta

Sanchit is a Partner at Happy Marketer.