Really excited and proud to bring these 2 global marketing giants, our largest alliance partners, on the same platform in a 3 part webinar series that we have curated for Q3 2020, where we aim to discuss about:

🍪 What solutions, processes & skillsets would marketers need to market to real people as opposed to proxies, especially when cookies stop working in a couple of years?

👨🏻 👩🏼 How can marketers drive personalization across the entire customer journey through known & unknown datasets?

📧 How can you combine & amplify the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Google Analytics 360 to leverage audience analytics to drive efficiences & better business results?

🎨 Explore the role of data & automation in helping marketers become better storytellers through data visualization, sequencing & dynamic content

It’s time to make the most of the art & science of marketing to create The Total Customer Experience that is data-driven, personalized, omni-channel, automated, measurable and one that drives results 🎯

28 July 2020 – Unlocking Customer Experience throught Analytics

11 August 2020 – Connecting through Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Google Analytics 360

25 August 2020 – Exploring the Role of Creative