Jun 2013

Advertising on Twitter just got better!

After Twitter announced New Targeting Options for Promoted Tweets, they have now rolled out ‘Keyword Targeting’ option as well! Recently, Twitter announced this newest feature on their ad platform and released it all across the market where it serves Twitter ads. This targeting option will enable advertisers to reach users based on the keywords in their recent tweets and the tweets with which users recently engaged.

Here is what Twitter quoted:

“This is an important new capability – especially for those advertisers looking for signals of intent because it lets marketers reach users at the right moment, in the right context.”

Let’s say a user tweets about how the weather is perfect for a chilled beer with his friends and so it happens that a nearby pub has ‘Happy Hours’ that evening.

That pub / restaurant could run a geo-targeted campaign using keywords like ‘beer’ with a tweet containing details to Happy Hours. That way, the person who wants to have a beer with his friends might notice the ‘Happy Hours’ Promoted Tweet in his timeline and go for it!

All in all the Keyword Targeting options are quite simple and easy to understand and use. The set-up is not that different from the setup process for search. All you need to do is:

  • Add the keywords that you want to target
  • Choose either one ‘phrase match’ or ‘unordered keyword match’
  • Select other targeting options like gender, location and device

In a trail with a few companies like Everything Everywhere, Microsoft Japan, and Walgreens, keyword based ads received higher than average engagement. GoPro saw engagement rates as high as 11% with keywords based targeting.

What is still not so clear…

  • What exactly would be the “right moment”? Once a person tweets, for how long would the targeting remain?
  • After one updates a 140 character tweet, how long will it stay in a person’s mind? Would the targeted tweet make sense? Would it look stale given the nature of Tweets coming in everyday? I.e 9100 tweets every second!

What if the person tweets…

“I would rather have a cold coffee than a chilled beer”

In this case, the Promoted Tweet not just targets the wrong person but also might annoy the user since his preference is clearly not ‘chilled beer’!

The Last Word

Advertisers & marketers need to consider what role ‘Keyword Targeting’ will play in overall social media / Twitter strategy of a brand. It may result in good engagement numbers but will it eventually result in sales? To start with, it’s better to use ‘keyword targeting’ ads for branding or creating affinity towards a product or service.

It’ll be interesting to see how advertisers use this targeting option especially since Twitter ads are finally open to all US businesses. Twitter advertising revenue is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2015!

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Have you tried out Twitter Advertising? Let us know your thoughts on the service in the comments.

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