Nov 2016



HubSpot as a tool is dear to me. To see the tool evolve from a landing page manager to an automation powerhouse in less than a decade is just awesome. HubSpot creates winning features because it listens to not only its target personas but also its businesses.

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One of the most anticipated updates last year was HubSpot integrated “Sidekick” and rolled it out as HubSpot Sales Pro. As a result, sales teams everywhere were instantly empowered to plan, monitor and pursue leads in the order of urgency.

One of HubSpot’s advantages is integration between its core offerings: Marketing, Sales and CRM.

HubSpot Marketing is all about getting the right messages and nurturing the most profitable customer to get them sales ready.

HubSpot Sales lets you follow up on your leads non-intrusively and lets the buyer proactively come back to you, by either scheduling a meeting or replying to your emails. The HubSpot platform keeps track of your leads’ behavior on social media, interaction with emails and on all your partner websites.


While HubSpot meetings was a feature that integrated well with Gmail and Outlook, HubSpot has taken a giant step by integrating it with your website. Yes, now a prospect can fix up a meeting with your sales rep on their calendar directly from the website rather than your sales rep pursuing them with the multiple calls.

Why is this so exciting, because your website now is not just generating leads for the marketing funnel but is directly responsible for getting you sales meetings from prospects ready to buy!

Another feature that has made a comeback and will be available in HubSpot in 2017 is online chat. HubSpot will be launching a pimped up version of online chat which integrates directly with the HubSpot CRM. So now, not only do you track every interaction the user has had with the website but you are also able to track every interaction and communication a prospect has in his/her conversion journey.


As the knowledge economy empowers the buyer, HubSpot provides the right tools and ammo to empower the seller.

Belmond Victor

Belmond currently leads the Inbound Marketing practice at Happy Marketer. His interests lie in SEO, Analytics and Marketing Automation.