May 2019

Google Next 19 ended a month ago and I still remember the event like it was yesterday. It was my first time attending a Google conference right at the state, California, where Google began its journey. The conference’s atmosphere was filled with eagerness and excitement as to what Google has in store for everyone in Google Cloud this year.

Happenings At Google Next 19

Of course, the audience was not disappointed. They started the conference with a bang where they shared about Anthos – the most revolutionary technology on Cloud. It is a single managed service which you can manage and deploy workloads across different clouds. Listen to us share more about Anthos at our #HappyHourLive.

There were multiple breakout sessions and workshops which gave the audience an opportunity to deep dive into topics that were of interest to them. Throughout the conference, there was an Expo section too, where more than 200 sponsors’ booths and exhibitions were setup to hear about some use cases on how Cloud can automate and increase the efficiency of work for brands.

Personalized, Omni-Channel Marketing with Cloud For Marketing (C4M)

Personally, my interest lies in marketing, and Cloud for Marketing (C4M) explains what Cloud can do in the marketing domain.

Let me walk you through a usual e-tail journey – I opened the mobile app of my favourite beauty retail store and browsed through the pages to look for some products. I added items into my cart but did not check out. The next day, ads of my abandoned cart followed me everywhere in the form of ads, banners, etc. I decided to complete my purchase at the brick-and-mortar store instead of buying them online. I swiped my membership card at the store and alas, I am out.

But guess what, the items that I left in my abandon cart continue to follow me around. As frustrating as this is for consumers, it is equally a waste of marketing spend for the organisation because it does not generate the returns!

So this is where C4M comes into the picture. By making use of Cloud, brands are able to deliver real-time targeted advertisements and marketing content based on various touch points a customer has with the brand, whether it is online or offline.

Combining data from various platforms – customer relationship management (CRM), web analytics, programmatic platforms, point of sales system (POS) – brands are able to see the customer journey and tailor relevant marketing activities accordingly.

Now, here is how that previous use case would like with the involvement of C4M. After my purchase at the brick-and-mortar store, I receive an email recommending products to complement my new purchases. Instead of seeing advertisements related to products I was once interested in and purchased offline, I am now able to see ads based on the recommended products. Talk about personalised experience 🙂

As marketers, it is always important to remember that we are customers ourselves as well. We need to stand in the customer’s shoes and understand what a customer truly wants – a unique and personalised experience with the brand!

Tricia Lim
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