Jun 2015

Happy Marketer is the happiest place to be or that is what our #HappyTribe will have you believe! You ask why? Well, hear it straight from the horses’ mouth! 😉

We asked our employees what they truly like about working with Happy Marketer, and this is what they had to say…

1. Uber cool workstations! Drop in and see it for yourself!

2. We HAVE to do #SocialShaadi dance at every party. And we don’t care if it’s a house party or a restaurant.


3. Birthday or farewells. We know what to gift our colleagues! 😉


4. Foodies rule the office and the best bonds are formed over food. Ice creams, Sushi, Biryani or Frogs (yep, been there, done that)


5. When you are struggling to get a hang of the work, you can always count on some peppy, upbeat tune playing in the background. It’s like your own private soundtrack!

6. The pantry is always stocked with coffee (very important!) and you always find someone to chat with over a cup (even more important!).


7. You’ll always see bunch of passionate, self-driven and versatile interns around.


8. On certain days of the week you won’t find most of us in the office. No! You got it wrong. We don’t shirk work. We instead bundle up in our cozy beds and work from home 😉


9. Get a head start to weekends. Do you proclaim to be a great bibulous? Get a reality check this Friday!


10. Late risers will hate us on hearing that we start working in the ‘wee hours’ of the day (8 am is definitely wee hours for late risers). But they will definitely feel the pinch of losing out on the breakfast outings!


11. You get coolest gadgets to play with. Macbooks, multiple screens, ergonomic keyboards, noise cancelling headsets to name a few B)


12. Whether you are an intern or a manager, you create kickass work, and you’ll always get appreciated!


13. Amazing bosses who are extremely supportive and give you the liberty to experiment and come up with new ideas!


14. You get to travel to different countries for meetings, conferences and trainings Did we mention, they are fully paid for? 😉


15. Awards, Conferences, Workshops, Trainings…we are out there!


16. You’ll never go hungry…our pantry is always full!


17. We can invite your better-half to team-outings & make them jealous of your awesome work-life!

better half

18. We accept and celebrate each individual that becomes part of the team, like a small family – everyone gets their chance in the sunshine and in the rain!


19. Best performers of the year get to travel to Singapore. And oh, we have international annual trips too! #BeatThat


20. Who told the fun ends at the office? Football Matches, foosball, beer pong…the list doesn’t end.


21. We love festivals and often celebrate them traditionally!


22. You get to dabble in different areas of digital marketing, learn something everyday and figure out your forte.


23. That is what Happy Marketer can and will do you, keep you in a constant state of high energy to enable you to do a wonder at what you do. One good thing about this state is that its addictive and it reflects on people around you.


Like what you see? You are in luck, we are hiring digital marketers and trainers! And if you have a super talented friend, you can refer them to us and we’ll thank you with awesome goodies!

A big thank you to all the contributors: Roshan, Rina, Rima, Belmond, Khyathi, Prajna, Sid, Aritra, Sanhita, Rittika, Ajinkya and Amit!

Kanchan Lad

Kanchan is the Head of Project Delivery at Happy Marketer. She chooses traveling, swimming, crime fiction, celebrity gossip and prefers speed over stagnancy.