Aug 2020

Creating a great company culture is a huge task for every company. Even before the pandemic started, we have a big challenge because we are spread in four different cities. How to make everyone feel connected if they do not physically meet every day or even never meet at all. And now with everyone working remotely plus a lot of anxiety and fear around the pandemic,  maintaining a close-knit culture is even more challenging than ever. 

This is how the #HappyTribe is doing it :

Welcome to #HappyTribe

We have a Whatsapp group chat with 55 active employees. The first thing we do when someone joins Happy Marketer is to invite them to the group chat so everyone can give a warm welcome to the new joiner. The messages can be from a serious announcement to a random funny meme created by our Design King, Kah Min. This group chat is becoming our escape from mundane tasks or boredom at home.

#HappyBirthday and #HappyWorkversary e-celebration

This group chat also became a media to celebrate a birthday and work anniversary since we can’t congratulate the employee in person now.  And of course, a birthday celebration is not complete without a cake. Each employee will get a customised cake according to their personality and likes delivered to their home.

Weekly #HappyAppreciation shout-outs

Every week we ask everyone to submit their appreciation shout-outs to their colleagues, and we put it every Friday on the group chat so everyone can read it.  All those heart-warming words are a natural way to boost everyone’s mood.

#HappyTribe Employee of the months

Good work and effort won’t go unnoticed here at Happy Marketer. Our Employee of the months is always something that we are waiting for at the end of the month. We ask everyone to vote for Employee of the month and why you choose them (you can also nominate yourself). It somehow has a powerful effect on motivating the employee not only because we give them a grab voucher but also make them feel that their hard work is being recognised not only by the management but also by their colleague. 

#HappyNotes and #HappyMorningBroadcast From The Partners

How do we get through a tough week? Every week each partner will take a turn to write a weekly note to the #HappyTribe followed by #HappyMorningBroadcast from the same partner discussing the notes that they sent.  The notes are around your mental health, commitment, planning your week, and so on. After reading those notes, you’re going to feel that you need to step back a little bit, breath and prioritise what is important.

Friday #HappyBooster

#HappyBooster is always filled with fun and exciting games. And trust me, our employees are very competitive when it comes to showing off who knows the Harry Potter series better or what is Joey from Friend’s favourite food.  Once in a while, we also invited some experts to give a short talk about wellness and health, even recently we asked someone to talk about investment.  It’s an excellent way to start the weekend.

#HappyTribe virtual gathering

Alumni play a significant role at Happy Marketer; there’s a saying once a #HappyTribe always a #HappyTribe. We want to keep that close-knit relationship with our employee even if they are not working with us anymore. And the best thing to do is to have a yearly reunion. Our Christmas party usually becomes a mini-reunion for our employees. In 2018 we took one step further in bringing everyone together in Bali. This year we need to cancel our physical reunion and plan a virtual one.  I must say it had the same amount of fun than the Bali reunion. We had Tiktok Dance Tutorial,  Lip Sync Battle,  Kahoot Quiz,  2 Lucky Draws and nostalgia videos from our alumni.  It was nice to see everyone healthy and happy in their living room with their family.

What is the similarity in every activity above? If your answer is employee engagement, you are right. Making sure every employee feels included is how you create a great company culture. Keeping your company culture alive when the employee working remotely is not an impossible task, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And you don’t need to dig your pocket so deep to hire a consultant, buy expensive tools. With a little bit of creativity and lots of love, you can bring everyone together even if they all live in different countries.

Mela Anwar
Mela Anwar

Head of Talent and Culture a.k.a The Mommy of #HappyTribe

At work, she wanna make sure everyone is happy 😁 and be part of HappyTribe

Off work, if she is not jogging 🏃‍♀️ or cycling 🚴🏻‍♀️, you can find her doing DIY painting 🎨 or watching crime documentary 📺 and reality show 💃🏻