Feb 2017

Social Media Marketing Singapore

You’re active on Twitter, but you have just 50 followers

You have over 1,000 Twitter followers but just don’t know what to tweet

You think 140 characters are too less – how can you express your thoughts with a word limit?!

If any of these problems are preventing you from becoming the Twitter champ that you were destined to be, this checklist will help!

Whether you want to use Twitter for personal branding or for a business, here are some tools, tips and tricks to guide you:


What are some of the best free tools for influencer and content identification?

The right content matters, of course. You need to be tweeting about relevant things. But you also need to make sure relevant people are reading those tweets, and that is where influencer marketing comes in.

Curate compelling content

Engage interesting influencers

Tips and Tricks

How to leverage Twitter to interact with high authority influencers and interesting content?

  • Twitter is the best social platform to organically engage with influencers
  • Identify digital marketing related keywords (e.g.: social media marketing, digital transformation, digital disruption)
  • Find content on Twitter that uses those and related keywords and hashtags, and then spark conversation with authors of the tweets. Read some inspiring conversation starters here
  • Talk to marketers rather than companies on Twitter, as it is more targeted and personalized this way. Think of tweets as mini-conversations – remember, you’re not on LinkedIn. You can be more casual
  • Tweet and retweet interesting statistic/facts related to digital, that can spark conversation. Have new and interesting (and helpful!) information to offer, always
  • And always respond if someone retweets you! TweetDeck is a helpful way to keep track of who is engaging with you on Twitter, so you never miss anything

How do you measure the reach and authority of Twitter influencers?

  • On Twitter, it is a combination of looking at the influencer’s bio and number of followers. However, it is sometimes worth talking to a person with few followers if he is very willing to engage in conversation and his profile is of interest to you/ your business
  • The number of retweets or favourites per tweet is also a good indicator of the author’s reach
  • If time permits, do a quick online search on the influencer to gain any possible information about his previous work/profile. Remember – ABP (Always Be Prepared!)

What are some other ways to make the most of Twitter?

  • Experiment with Twitter lists. Add influencers who engage heavily with your content, and share all future content with them as well
  • Join Twitter chats to interact in real time with influencers in your field
  • Always identify keywords, then conversations and then influencers. While you can directly identify influencers and share content with them, this is the more spammy approach. Sometimes, it’s easier to join a conversation than to start a conversation

What are some key elements of personal branding on Twitter?

  • Put your company ahead of your personal credentials/bio
  • Decide what your ‘brand’ will be. My recommendations (if you’re a digital marketer…you are, aren’t you?):
    • Digital marketing expert but also shares light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek content
    • Futurist, always thinking ahead and not just in terms of digital marketing
    • Tech geek (to an extent, unless you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg)
    • Social media savant
    • Creator of a signature hashtag (For example, our sister brand FutureMarketer uses #BeFutureReady all the time)
  • Finally, don’t forget to incorporate your Twitter handle into your email signature, business cards and presentations. It’s a part of your (virtual) identity now!

So there you have it – your multiple step guide to creating a personal brand on Twitter. Hopefully, you are equipped with a veritable arsenal of resources to turn Twitter into a social media playground where you ‘play’ with interesting people in your field and learn something new everyday.

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