Clients & Portfolio

We get the opportunity to work with lots of exciting startups and medium sized businesses. Over the last five years, the online marketing work we’ve done has created more than $5 million in sales for these businesses. But most importantly for us, our projects have been time-bound and measurable – it keeps us honest and it assures our clients that they can expect to see results.



Testimonials from Past Participants

“I enjoyed the sharing of many of Google’s tools and how they can be used to optimise and monitor our website. It was interesting to know how they work and the information it can provide us. The lead facilitator is knowledgeable and charismatic and is able to hold the attention of the class.” Herman Khoo, JobsDB


“I came with the expectation of many, many boring slides but on the contrary, I actually had fun. Rachit illustrated marketing points through certain exercises and activities. Plus, it’s a very comprehensive introduction for people who’re not sure how to get results from their websites. You should definitely attend this course!” Eric Chia, Quaffs Labs Pte Ltd


“I met Rachit about 6 months ago. And over a lunch meeting, he gave me very simple tips on how to get started with Search engine marketing and Search engine optimization. And we’ve seen some really amazing numbers – we got 22,000 new users and over 150,000 visitors from SEO in that time.” Khasali,