Jun 2006

Well … we were hearing rumors for a long time. It was called GBuy, Google Buy and a whole other bunch of names. Finally a rival to PayPal is launched as Google Checkout (Google says there is no rivalry, but be serious now :)).

It seems like a great e-commerce system … easy interface … fantastic integration with AdWords … very competitive rates … will lead to a Cost Per Action advertising model for AdWords (much better than Cost Per Click from the advertiser’s point of view).

But oh … wait … I see a flaw rising up … It’s only for the U.S.A!

Geez Google, half your customers are outside the U.S.A … we pay good money to AdWords to fill up your bank account … and you didn’t even respect us enough to mention us in your press release??

I had to read through 22 articles to find one that clearly says its only launched in the U.S. Tch Tch … Omitting that one line from your press release … and you just lost a lot of brownie points with this entrepreneur, Google.

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