Dec 2006

Was surfing the web and just found this great looking website. It looks pretty gorgeous. It gives out the details for a great party. Very enterprising – helping young fashion designers and mixing it up with a dating event.

The only problem? In all the graphics and prettiness they planned … they forgot to think about the words.

For the first time in Singapore’s History, OhGenki a website representing the demography of 16-31 yr old Singaporeans is organizing its 2nd annual event at St James Power Station.

OhGenki Presents - What's Your Color

Hahaha … “for the first time in Singapore’s history, we’re organizing our 2nd annual event!!” … It sure makes for a funny read

Do check out the nice event though –

In other news, I’ve been super busy. Working on a couple of projects of mine that I NEED to finish this month. This time I really decided to put myself on the line – I have no backups ready. No avenues for money, if this fails.

So, I HAVE to finish these projects and make money off them … nice way to push myself, no?