Mar 2012

We’re up at 2am in the office, staying up to watch Facebook’s FBC event – the first of it’s kind organized by Facebook, for marketers around the world. During the course of the night, we’ll update this blog with the latest developments! Keep reading!

2:00am – Kim Gould from Facebook just started the intro with a laptop in front of her. Her preview says we’ll kick things off with Sheryl Sandberg very soon.

2:06am – Pop-ish music playing the background while we see a crowd in a auditorium. Camera’s panning to an empty stage. A lady announces “Please take your seats, we’ll start soon!”

2:08am – “Ladies & Gentlemen – Please welcome the Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg!” Sheryl’s starting her intro!

2:10am – Interesting story about Deb, Stephanie and a kid who was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease over Facebook by a neighbour! Another story about “We are all Khailal Saeed” about a revolution about police corruption. The story ends with a revolution.

2:12am – More stories about Facebook making a difference in the world. Think I’m getting the theme here.

2:12am – And as the viewer count goes up towards 8,000 – The video player starts to stutter and hang.

2:14am – Even dogs can even have an identity online. Something about Mark Zuckerberg’s dog. And Sheryl’s stories about her being one of the oldest people at Facebook. Programmers ask her for an “Old Person’s” opinions. Zuckerberg asks her when “Mid Life crisis happens”

2:16am – “What do all these stories have in common. The answer is voice”. Sheryl’s shooting for inspiration, probably better than going on about Facebook’s numbers. Somehow it seems more hollow when Google tries this pitch.

2:18am – Now talking about more celebrities (like Oprah, Football players, Congressmen) who use Facebook to broadcast and converse.

2:22am – “Your customers are listening. And your customers are talking. Use this”. Sheryl’s message to businesses. I feel a timeline announcement coming up …

2:24am – BTW, those of you logging into this Live Blog – Thank you! I’m loving watching you pop up in my Google Analytics Real Time. Check out the screenshot here.

2:26am – VP of Product, Chris Cox walks in. Starts telling the story of his interview at Google (only joined when it was 18 months old).

2:28am – Very cool story about how he was overdressed when he walked in. Apparently Dustin Moskovitz gave him “Inception” download of all the features of Facebook.

2:31am – The story of how we moved from static home page, to Live News feed …

2:34am – After 25 minutes, I’m kinda bored about the motivational talk. Let’s get to the part about helping our business!

2:35am – By the way, apart from this live blog – my colleague Prantik is also live tweeting from our Happy Marketer account. Check it out here.

2:37am – So far we’ve heard computers are everywhere, descriptions of Skynet. And absolutely nothing about marketing. Bye bye Chris Cox!

2:39am – Mike Hoefflinker, Director of Global Business Marketing walks in. Might beat Sheryl Sandberg to be the oldest guy in Facebook.

2:43am – Many many brand stories about Facebook Timelines for stories – Macy’s, Kia, Today show and many many more. The Today Show’s story here.

2:47am – Pretty cool trailor of an upcoming movie – Will Smith Productions. Probably the most interesting part of the whole presentations so far. And the comments on the official FMC event are just brutal and hilarious!

2:49am – Talking about Featured Stories. So, they’re definitely moving away from ads. I wonder what happens to advertisers who don’t regularly update their Facebook updates?

2:51am – Ben & Jerry reached 98% of their Fan Base. Sales went up with a 3:1 ROI. I don’t know that means.

2:52am – Dr Pepper reached 78%. 140% more people talked about their stories. For their expenditure, I’m not impressed.

2:53am – Butter Fingers increased their Brand Favourability by 6%. Meh.

2:54am – More stories about Reach Generator. That’s the name of the tool which shares stories to a brand’s fans. Dont’ think that helps most of the Singapore businesses that don’t really have any fans.

2:55am – Premium on Facebook. Now pushing out the way to reach 10s of millions of folks.

2:56am – Premium Listings will now be incorporated into the news feed. Now, that’s interesting. 5-10X click through rate improvement over the rest of Facebook. Finally, something nice for marketers.

2:57am – Premium News Feed stories will also appear in Mobile. 425 million out of a billion users now eligible to see Premium Feed.

2:58am – They’re gonna spam premium stories even in the Logout Experience! So, four places for Premium – Page Post, Right Side, News Feed and Logout Experience.

3:00am – Final line on Stories Evolution in ads – Businesses focus on fans & stories, Facebook focuses on distribution. Works with updates, links, stories, photos, videos, questions.

3:01am – David Fischer, VP of Business & Marketing Partnerships. What a royal hairstyle. Dude should be some kind of a Prince in the UK!

3:05am – If you’re feeling a little rage towards the boring Facebook talks, try this article. According to Mashable, if students use Facebook while studying, their grades drop!

3:07am – A panel with leaders from Walmart, Aegis Media and 1-800-Flowers. More white dudes and stories about huge businesses. Good job Facebook, completely ignore the SME and International market!

3:09am – The Walmart SVP boasting about how his team is awesome. Next, the head of an agency boasting about his best clients. Get me out of this LoveFest! This is not worth staying up all night for!

3:13am – The old white men aren’t too bad. But this is too damn boring. 1/10 compared to a 10/10 presentation a few hours earlier by Microsoft when it introduced Windows 8 Preview and it’s features.

3:17am – A fair bit of talk focused on selling Facebook within huge organizations. Not really sure if any of the right people are actually listening in though. It’s mostly SME folks, and they’re going to be disappointed.

3:18am – Another theme repeated by Walmart. We’re going back to the future. Jumping back into relationship based marketing with fans.

3:24am – Sorry for the delay. Fell asleep while listening to the speakers there. Okay, not really. But am glad it’s over! How about some more features people?

3:26am – Zuckerberg reading from the teleprompter is crreeeeeeeeeepy!

3:29am – Kim Gould is back. Taking Live Questions! She’s got Neha from Facebook and Chris McCann, President of

3:38am – In case you’re not watching, Live questions are happening at the FMC site. Still more pretty young women from Facebook interviewing White dude agency/client side fellows.Surprisingly, it’s more interesting than most of the speeches!

3:43am – First time in two hours, one of the question talks about marketing on Facebook outside of the US. ¬†Mentioned Mumbai and Singapore. Thank you speaker-man for acknowledging the rest of the world. Apparently Facebook marketing doesn’t really know there’re marketing folks outside of Menlo Park.

3:47am – Two product managers of Facebook Pages jump in. Geeky but probably more interesting. They use the word “Mission Control” again.

3:50am – Interesting. They recommend you don’t change your profile photo often. It’s important for identity.

3:51am – Profile pic for logo. Cover photo for changing often. Bottom left for a quick elevator pitch. Bottom right for rich-apps.

3:53am – Showing examples for Harley Davidson, Verizon and Red Bull. PMs say “The first thing you think of when you think of Harley Davidson’s bikes”. Prantik says “What geeks!”

3:56am – Fascinating to curate the past of a brand. I wonder how our Educational clients will create this Rich history in the timeline. We’ll be launching our very own service to do this, this weekend. Stay tuned!

4:04am – Super cool! 5 new admin permissions. You can now have admins focused on content. Different ones for tech problems. Can’t wait for these details.

4:07am – Back to Q&A with Neha Jogani. She’s got someone from Macy’s talking about Pages and Timelines.

4:11am – Macy’s strategy on monetizing their facebook fans, and promoting offers is fascinating.

4:20am – Pretty cool, they have a NFC linked auto photo-upload-to Facebook feature!

4:30am – Finally, the hosts answer a bunch of questions about how the changes impact existing users. This is good stuff.

4:33am – The next breakout is about the Page Insights product. But we’re going to sign off this morning and complete this blog post in the morning. Check back in 12 hours for a summary of that!

Rachit Dayal

Is the Managing Partner at Happy Marketer, and handles clients with needs in Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Website Design and Conversion Consulting.

As Singapore’s first Qualified AdWords Professional and one of the first Analytics Qualified Professionals in the region, Rachit has been on the forefront of search marketing in Singapore since 2004.

But as this industry comes into maturity, he believes now is when the fun is starting – when clients dare to dream of exciting campaigns, and we can finally show tangible positive ROI from all marketing campaigns.