Oct 2010

SEO Case Study: ComSOC Technologies

This technology company saw a 167% boost in their search traffic from our efforts and much more visibility for their products and services.


ComSOC Technologies is one of the leading designers if innovative semiconductor products like portable projectors, wireless speakers, PLC adaptors, innovative speakers and much more. They are also among the region’s largest IC design houses and suppliers offering products from Samsung, Dolby, Intellon, Freespan and many others.


Consumer electronics is a competitive space and it’s a very expensive exercise to acquire mindshare using traditional retail placement. Moreover, most of the decision making about products was now happening online where they had no presence.


To solve this challenge, we recommended Search Engine Optimization in order to increase their products’ visibility, reputation and traffic using natural search traffic that users trust.

Most of ComSOC’s old website was based in SEO un-friendly technologies like frames and flash, so our first job was SEO Web Design – rewriting most of the website in clean HTML/CSS/JavaScript so search engine robots could cleanly index all the contents. Because of the last website’s reliance on frames and flash – this new, W3C compliant code helped the search visibility tremendously.

Next up, SEO Copywriting – we rewrote the sitemap and content with keywords in mind. By rewriting this content, not only did the Search Engines find it easier to rank the site – it also helped clean up the language editorially, provide more relevant context and sell the products better.

By working on the UX and Landing Page Optimization, we also provided a usability revamp of the site by recreating the navigation, footers, breadcrumbs, headings and overall design to provide a more pleasing experience for all visitors. On the SEO front, this helped reduce the bounce rate and increase the time-on-site.

Finally, by reworking the internal architecture of the site, we ensured that enough internal links were in place with the right anchor text for the PageRank to be distributed within the site.


The SEO effort increased the traffic from search engines by over 167%. For every 100 folks that came through search engines before this effort, ComSOC now receives 267.

Plus, the site revamp ensured that the customers who now came through the site were a lot more engaged and looked at much more content on the site.

What’s Next?

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