Apr 2011

Rachit Dayal is our Principal Consultant and the founder of Happy Marketer – one of Singapore’s leading SEO companies. This article is part of his SEO in 2011 series.


Why do you need a professional SEO Company to work with?

For your SEO campaign to be a successful one, you need to have in-depth insights behind the working of search engines and online marketing. You may have the basic ideas to launch a campaign but lack the knowledge to see the campaign through.

This is where professional SEO Companies in Singapore come in. These companies have professional SEOs who can handle the various workings of an effective SEO plan. Some of the activities that they perform which are out of scope for a normal layman are:

  • They can spin website content with proper integration of the relevant keywords.
  • These professionals are also skilled writers and will come up with compelling pieces for your site.
  • They are professionals in link building and will ensure proper placement of relevant links on your site and submission to directories which is a must for SEO success.
  • They can boost the design of your site to enhance its revenue potential by carrying out activities such as tweaking, SEO copywriting and link building
  • Also for the delicate art of article marketing, professional SEO Companies are very important. They have highly trained specialists in web content generation to ensure that your marketing campaign leads to more traffic and consequently greater success of your site.

Although you can easily do your site SEO yourself, professional SEO Companies have a more in-depth knowledge in the field and will offer value addition to your business in terms of invaluable advice and their expertise. It is therefore an advantage to use specialist SEO services rather than opting to do it yourself.

How does an SEO provider differ from a marketing agency?

To understand the difference between an SEO provider and a marketing agency, one must first understand what each of these parties do.

SEO providers are professionals in the art of search engine optimization which involves tweaking or optimizing a site in order to increase the ranking it gets by algorithms used by the search engines. The aim of SEO is basically to give a particular site a high level of exposure either for business or for other purposes which differ from person to person.

Marketing agencies on the other hand are involved in the promotion of products online to make a sale either for their client or for a site affiliated to the client. In the process they make money in the form of commissions from the total sales made.

SEO aims at optimizing their pages for search engines while maintaining quality information and overall usability of their sites for their visitors to achieve a favorable ranking from the search engines in the long run. Marketing agencies on the other hand seek to get traffic to a site just to achieve sales in a short period of time.

And since Search Engine Optimization is not their main activity, and it only figures as a fraction of their overall work scope – the optimization work by agencies is almost always smaller in scope and impact than working with a real SEO. SEO is therefore more effective as a tool to focused on website & digital performance.

Overseas SEO Vendors: Why it’s better to work with someone in the same city?

One can argue that SEO is an online activity and therefore one can enlist the services of a SEO vendor from anywhere. However, one can use the services of a vendor in the same city as you accrue some benefits to your business.

First you can get to meet the vendor face to face and have discussions with them. Transactions with ghost figures of the internet, whose existence we can’t really prove can be quite insecure. However, when you choose a local SEO vendor you no longer need to worry about this, since you can meet them and have them explain to you the services they will offer and show you the skills they posses.

Another advantage of using a local SEO vendor is that they have a good understanding of the market around you. This is especially an advantage for those running business sites that deal in products or services competing in the local market. Local vendors can research the market and closely analyze strategies in use by your opponents to come up with an SEO campaign that gives you a firm standing in the market.

Lastly, local vendors are more flexible compared to overseas vendors and will ensure your specific needs are fulfilled. These vendors are usually a call away and you can easily modify your campaign and be able to consult them before implementing it. This way you receive first hand advice from the professionals and get to give your feedback immediately on issues or concerns you may be facing.

How to measure the effectiveness of your SEO Company

The effectiveness of your SEO Company can be measured by looking at the success of the SEO campaign that they run for your company. This is in turn done using four measurements that are observed from your web activity after the SEO campaign. These measurements are:

  • Indexation measurements – this measurement is used to confirm that search engines have properly identified all the pages in your website. This is an important measurement since, all the pages in your website need to be indexed in order for your site to be ranked.
  • Backlink measurements – this measurement is used to give an overview of the number of internal and external links that point to your website. More external links means that your site is popular and will lead to a high rank in the PageRank system. External links connect external websites to your websites while internal links are those connecting pages within your own website.
  • Ranking measurements – these measurements are used to show where your webpage will rank or will be placed when a search for a particular keyword of phrase is carried out. Ranking measurements can be done in two ways; targeted or aggregate. Target ranking allows you to choose a set of keywords that you will target based on keyword research while aggregate ranking lets you track the pages on which certain phrases rank for every keyword that offers natural search to your site.
  • Traffic and revenue measurements – traffic measurements show the specific keywords that drive the most traffic to your site while revenue measurements show the revenue generated per keyword and also the number of visitors who buy products within a certain period of time.

These measurements are standard tools for testing the effectiveness of any SEO campaign and could be used to find ways to improve the techniques being used or change them altogether.