Facebook Advertising

To focus on the people who matter most to your business, we create ads that find them when they’re checking in on their friends on Facebook. Our approach to Facebook Advertising is all about increasing your brand’s awareness with audiences and brand advocates. We share your ads when the right people are active on Facebook, placing them in their newsfeeds for an interruption-free experience. Our designers and copywriters pay attention to generating content with rich narratives and engaging imagery to encourage users to find out more about you.

Our Facebook Advertising tactics involve:

  • Building custom audiences for your ad, by looking at demographics, behaviour, interests and location.
  • Creating posts that are boosted within desired budgets
  • Using Facebook Insights to know how many people your ad reached, the number of views and clicks it received as well how many conversions each ad secured
  • Campaigns that that are contest-based and that promote offers
  • Remarketing content to users who have visited your website
  • Reporting the nature of ads and campaigns from data across multiple devices
  • Adding call-to-actions to let audiences reach out to you while they’re on the go
  • Tracking ads of your competitors and measuring their audience engagement against your ads