Remarketing – Retargeting

At Happy Marketer we know the way your customer’s mind works. Using data from website visitors, we find out what your customers search for and the other websites they visit, in order to get your ads in front of them. With our strengths in analytics, we focus on the pages your customer last visited before leaving your website so that your content can reach them later. Our purpose is to have your brand within your audience’s purview throughout their buying process, to let them grow more familiar with your services and remember you.

With Happy Marketer’s Remarketing – Retargeting capabilities you can expect:

  • Personalized content in ads tailored to each type of website visitor
  • A dashboard of your customer’s purchasing cycle
  • Strategies that revolve around approaching customers effectively before converting them
  • Retargeting strategies extended to social media channels
  • Dynamic remarketing tactics for apps and mobiles