Events, Goals and E-Commerce Tracking

Keep up to date with how users behave with your content, by tracking actions taken on your website. We calculate these as events, and classify them into different categories of interactions. Consequently we prioritize and measure the completion of events that target your brand’s objectives. Considered as completed goals, we place values on them to measure how much they are worth in terms of conversions. Along with our ecommerce tracking capabilities, we are able to analyze when purchases are made, the costs attached to your products and your ecommerce conversion rates.

Our events, goals and ecommerce tracking services include:

  • tracking file downloads, flash content, page views and purchase orders
  • reports built on actions, categories, labels and values assigned to each event
  • metrics based on records of user-interactions with your website
  • management solutions for ecommerce, tracking the quality of traffic and the customer retention rate