After optimizing your website we take great care to document and report the result of our efforts with your online audiences. We pinpoint and define useful metrics from customer data to see the success rate of your website design and marketing strategy with the use of our in-house analytics methods. Most importantly, our reports show you the nature of conversions taking place on your website. We look at the type of people who come to your website, what search terms they use and how successful your offers are. Our reports are customized for your business needs.

Our reporting services study:

  • conversion funnels, from internet traffic to website visits and secured transactions.
  • website views, bounce rates and the behaviour of returning visitors
  • form submission data and patterns of lead generation
  • the level of unique visitors, session durations and pages viewed
  • website traffic behaviour and patterns
  • the nature of sessions; how many visitors contacted you, purchased services and saved certain information from your website.

Reporting defines the success of your conversion optimisation efforts.We look at metrics based on customer data, to know how your website is faring with audiences.