Website Conversion Audit

In order to maximize your website conversion rates, it takes a pair of highly experienced eyes to look at your content and design.

Our team will review your website from your target audience’s perspective to:

  • discover your visitor’s flow on your website
  • conduct a heat map analysis
  • find out where the internal glitches lie
  • look at the clarity of your call-to-action buttons, fonts and menu navigations
  • measure the effectiveness of your SEO tags
  • check your competitors’ positions and click-through rates

Finally, we will share an in-depth guide to help you overcome your website shortcomings.

Our approach to website conversion audits will help you create a competitive advantage so you can gain insights into your customers’ buying processes.

Our Website Conversion Audits will help you:

  • pinpoint traffic sources and analyze bounce rates
  • understand behavior of  website visits with heat maps
  • optimize conversion funnels and processes
  • develop lead generation forms

Website Conversion Audits tell you why your online customers are not taking the desired actions on your website.