Brand Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis

As you build your online presence in the world of social media, you may want to keep track of your reputation. Through our brand monitoring approach, we will find out what people think of your company. Not only do we track how your content is faring with people online, we also monitor your competition and provide you with insights about your customer service techniques and campaign strategy.

Keeping Our Finger on the Pulse

Our teams at Happy Marketer monitor your brand through Social Listening by:

  • tracking mentions about your brand across all social media channels, blogs and news syndications
  • analysing data on popular topics among your audiences
  • studying key metrics such as tag clouds and trends in keywords
  • researching what your target audience thinks about your competitors
  • understanding your audience’s needs and fitting them into campaign strategies

We Care About Your Audience’s Emotions

Our social media managers focus on the intent behind every piece of content and feedback. We take sentiment analysis seriously when it comes to taking care of your brand image. We look at:

  • the emotional tone behind words used by your audiences on social media
  • patterns of online mentions expressed about your brand
  • words that hint at negative or positive sentiments and build rules about categorizing feedback
  • developing methods to respond quickly to emotions that may have a negative effect on your brand

How Do We Monitor Your Social Media Sentiment?

The tools and frameworks we use to process our findings on social media sentiments are:

  • Socialbakers
  • ThoughtBuzz
  • BuzzSumo
  • Circus Social