Content Creation

We build brand identities by assessing your values and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. We design strategies to generate more targeted traffic while studying your competition.

We devise content frameworks by:

  • planning and producing content aligned with your brand values
  • offering tailored copywriting services to customize content
  • publishing branded content according to a schedule that reflects target audience behavior
  • studying the success rate of different content and outlining the perfect framework for your audiences
  • focusing on the right places to publish content to maximize engagement

Creative Design

Know the secret of being memorable? We do.

The Graphic Designers at Happy Marketer offer their expertise on:

  • experimenting with formats across different devices, interfaces, web and social platforms
  • building designs for websites and offline promotional material
  • Illustrations, animations, GIFS and infographics

Consistent Brand Images

To establish standards for how your brand should look, our designers and branding consultants carefully plan out what the visual theme and style of your posts should be. We treat each channel differently, playing up to the strengths of each interface to get you high-quality fans.

We carefully plan each content template with the following ways:

  • constructing posts with the right balance of text and imagery
  • never exceeding the limitations of 20% text on posts
  • avoiding words that imply the endorsement of specific social media networks
  • always using perfect grammar.
  • keeping our content 100% clear and honest