Customer Service and Crisis Management

We want your customers to have a positive journey with you as you strive to be there for all their needs. Our account managers believe listening to your customers is key to successfully marketing your brand.

We focus on collecting data about your customers and identifying areas that need more attention.

Crisis Management

You have total control over how your brand comes across to your customers, with our account managers keeping you updated on your audience’s sentiments.

We are ever-ready to respond to any queries that appear on your social networks. We build response and crisis management frameworks with:

  • An inbound strategy consisting of a central team monitoring social activity on your channels
  • An systemized outbound strategy of communicating with your audience online during crises
  • Communication between stakeholders and our social team to convey updates and provide instant decision-making
  • A team of social media listeners who will maintain your brand’s reputation around the clock

Additionally, our social media command centers are set up to manage crises and your customer feedback. Our team provides:

  • Constant monitoring of brand mentions, comments, competitor updates as well as current news.
  • A real-time workflow of managers researching your social activity
  • A routine review of content to ensure high levels of responsiveness with your target audiences
  • Content curation to facilitate useful information to your audiences

Engaging With Your Followers

At Happy Marketer, our strategy for creating and delivering content focuses on communicating with your potential customers at the right time and place. With the power of knowing when your audiences are online and what information they seek from your channels, we customize posts to bring attention to your latest developments.