Fan Generation

What is Cost Per Fan?

We pioneered the Cost Per Fan (CPF) model in Singapore, giving you the option of paying only when we validate the number of fans generated for each channel.

We rely on a system of transparency where our clients have access to all information on potential and current audiences, as well as social ad expenditure. We pay close attention to the quality of followers on your profile, utilizing targeting mechanisms to ensure they’re genuine.

After all, we know the value of getting your brand the right attention.
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What is Customized Targeting?

Our marketing consultants will help you build promotions and display ads according to your target audience’s location, interests and demographics. We magnify all details of your fans to make sure that we provide you with an audience that will engage with your brand.

We provide insights on where followers are coming from and when they joined your page so you can streamline users to your channels in the most effective way.

We seek users who can have a personal connection with your brand. Your content is also engineered to reach a larger network outside your usual list of contacts, which will yield you higher CTRs. With the scheduling of sponsored stories, paid reach and promoted tweets, we will increase awareness and optimize growth for your campaigns.