Gamification and App Development

Our specialists will help you create the perfect apps for driving engagement. Working across all devices and interfaces (Windows Phone, Android, iPhones, iPad and the web), our UI/UX experts will optimize your mobile strategy from storyboarding to providing your customers with the best mobile experience.


We design:

  • visual storyboards to reflect your brand’s look
  • graphics, typography and imagery
  • a multitude of navigation processes based on your target audience behavior
  • maps of priorities in screen options
  • placement of your content

Building Contests

Do you want to boost brand awareness through entertaining content? Create an interactive experience with our contest design solutions for applications.

We handle:

  • blueprints for offers and promotions
  • programming
  • level design
  • creating pop-ups to connect apps to social channels
  • hashtag campaigns
  • open quizzes
  • gift offers

App Development Coding

We make sure your apps are served across a range of platform interfaces to disrupt markets in the most effective way. We create an ecosystem of assets for your customers by developing the core of your API platform.

We provide:

  • strategies for automated growth
  • alliances between complementing APIs for a smooth multi-network experience
  • deliver insights from each stage of the app development process
  • strategies to engage employees and customers

Socially App-ed

With the popularity of social apps, why not leverage on the opportunities presented by the most current sources of entertainment and information? Our strategists know just how to ramp up the engagement levels of your social channels on mobile app interfaces.

We develop:

  • custom tab apps
  • unique contact form offers
  • poll apps
  • RSS newsfeed updates
  • app moderation
  • deep linking from apps to social pages
  • install notifications for existing followers
  • conversion tracking solutions
  • web applications on CRM, project management and content management systems to speed up productivity