Social Ad Campaigns

We build our content roadmap according to a well-researched editorial calendar, developed by our content producers and designers. We plan each social media post, keeping relevant events, offers and themes in the spotlight of our strategy. Highlighting aspects of your brand that need the most attention is our goal as we go on to build your social media presence.

Our content framework works according to the behavior of your target audiences. Knowing what times and days are popular for users to go online, and which sites have referred them, gives us key insights into scheduling your content. Your content can also be created to reach certain audiences outside your circle of followers. Our methods of targeting posts depend on using the right keywords and broadcasting content in a timely manner, whether they’re created as a build up to events or they refer to current happenings that matter to your target audiences.


While we enjoy the creative freedom of helping you build your brand identity on social media networks, we never lose sight of important guidelines for each channel. We maintain our databases of social media requirements and always refrain from breaking the following the rules:

  • tagging people in our posts
  • using 3rd party advertisers to promote their material on your pages
  • not keeping all images authentic and true to your brand
  • promoting special offers beyond a limited time
  • sharing details about deals with vague information about prizes and deadlines
  • making references to social media networks in our campaigns
  • claiming false achievements of your brand

Getting the Right Audience For Your Content

While we create posts that cater to the interests of a wide range of audiences, we feel that securing interactions from specific types of users is more meaningful. Creating targets for your posts, depending on gender, educational status, interests, age and language makes your audience pool very specific and highly responsive. We speaking to your followers in a personal manner to win them over.

At the same time, boosting particular posts to gain more traction for ones that have strong call-to-actions, or announcing upcoming events allows you to reach prospective customers outside your cohort of followers. Even when boosting your posts, we define what kind of people to reach through custom audience profiles. Our aim is to have people talking about you and to engage with them in the best way possible.

Staying Up-to-date with Your Audiences

Scheduling posts according to your audience’s habits and knowing which one to pin at the top to sustain its relevancy for a prolonged period are ways of amplifying the reach of your content without being disruptive. We set up alerts for page administrators and editors, notifying them about any activity performed on pages so that they can follow their duties of responding promptly to your followers.


We pay attention to the budgeting requirements of promoting posts, judging how big your campaign should be and how many users should be targeted. As we follow a cost per fan model, it is also important for us to make decisions on whether you should be charged per click, or maintain a daily financial limit to get your content viewed by as many people as possible.