Sep 2013

As a agency professional, marketing manager or webmaster, you are constantly looking to upgrade your skills with workshops and training. And that’s why we have Google Classroom training program next month designed and approved by Google Singapore, that condenses all the essential knowledge you need about Google AdWords, Analytics and Conversion Optimization into 6 dense days! Know more.

Meanwhile, have a look at this week’s top Digital Marketing Infographics. Which one is the most useful? Tell us in the comments below!

Tip #1:

Starting with the right foot means a lot in advertising. Here are 5 Dos that will help you optimize your AdWords account!

Tip #2:

The first step towards posting the perfect tweet is understanding the basic elements that make up posts on Twitter. Here are 5 Tips & Tricks To Create a Perfect Tweet!

 Tip #3:

From product videos to creative stories, what makes the most sense for each business, and what if we have a limited budget?

Tip #4:

Google Analytics helps you slice and dice your traffic to answer these questions, if only you could somehow filter your data for these social networks. Here are 3 Simple Steps to Track Social Media in Google Analytics.

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