Brand Reputation & Monitoring

Brand Reputation & Monitoring

Social media has created a platform that encourages sharing and discussion. Everyone and anyone can voice their opinions by posting a comment on a forum or writing a blog. Regardless of the level of your activity on social media platforms, people are still going to talk about your brand, product or service.

So how is this relevant to your organization’s brand reputation? Brand reputation is commonly defined as “the result of what you do, what you say, and what other people say about you”. This means that Brand reputation is a combination of what others say of you and what you say about your own brand or business, which shows that you have a big part to play to create a positive Brand reputation. You have to get involved in Social Media to communicate positively about your brand and business, and at the same time monitor and respond to the things people say about your brand and business.

Who should attend?
The brand reputation and monitoring training is an intensive one-day training designed for business owners, marketing professionals, sales executives, corporate communication officers and web/IT professionals.

Training Overview
The training will help participants understand the importance of brand reputation management and learn about strategies to build brand reputation and to avert brand reputation crisis. To ensure a high level of interactiveness during the workshop, there be hands on activities to allow participants to employ some of these brand reputation management tools for their businesses and brands. The trainer will also introduce scenario based case studies to help reinforce the concepts shared in this training session.

What to Expect?

  1. Overview and importance of Brand Reputation – Many companies make the mistake of dismissing the need to manage their Brand reputation and they lost not only revenue but most vitally, the trust of their customers. This segment will highlight why managing brand reputation is so important in this digital age.
  2. Brand Reputation Building Strategies – Through social media optimization and structured brand reputation management, your business can develop a positive brand presence online. Through this sharing, you will identify relevant brand reputation building strategies and adopt them for your brand and business.
  3. Brand Reputation Crisis Prevention and Management – Proper management of Brand Reputation can help you prevent unnecessary crisis that could severely impact your brand/business. Learn from actual case studies to identify ways to reduce the chances of a brand reputation crisis from happening. Through this sharing, you will also learn how to manage a crisis in the event your brand/business are in the middle of one.
  4. Brand Reputation Monitoring – Learn about metrics and brand reputation monitoring tools to measure your brand/business brand reputation online. Make sense of the brand reputation data you collect through social media analytics and use this information to drive new social media campaigns.

If you are interested to hold a brand reputation and monitoring training in your organisation, please contact us in the form below.