Workshop Curriculum

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[tab title=”Introduction”]
Facebook is the most popular site in Singapore and an average user in Singapore spends approximately 8 hours a week on it. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out to its consumers simply through a platform. Moreover, results have shown that Facebook is no longer just a personal social tool; it is a business tool that delivers positive ROI in terms of branding and marketing.

This course will equip you with the fundamentals of Facebook and tools that are relevant to your business. With hands on activities and sharing of successful corporate case studies, you will learn how to incorporate Facebook into your business’s marketing and advertising plans.


[tab title=”Who Should Attend?”]
The training covers many different aspects of Facebook Marketing, and the following team members should attend:

  • Marketing Professionals – This workshop will help you bridge the gap of your traditional marketing understanding with new media marketing insights. Learn how to incorporate Facebook marketing and advertising to your current plans.
  • Business Owners – For Business owners who oversee marketing and advertising, this course would provide you with a good overview of what to expect from Facebook Marketing and how is this relevant to your business and industry.
  • IT Professionals – For companies that use in-house IT Professionals to manage their Facebook and Social media initiatives, it is extremely vital to equip your IT professionals with the fundamentals of using Facebook as a marketing tool. This course will help your IT Staff see Facebook beyond the technical perspective, and thus improve their capability to achieve better results


[tab title=”Day 1 Topics”]

  • The Facebook Landscape
    As the most popular site in the world today, Facebook occupies a unique place in the Internet landscape today. We’ll take a deep dive into various user profiles, and understand why your customers spend time on Facebook.
  • Pages & Timeline
    Timeline, the newest iternation of Facebook Pages has a unique structure unlike any other kind of website. We’ll do a detailed walkthrough and ensure you’re customizing and utilizing every possible feature.
  • Wall Posts & Content Options
    There was a time when wall posts were a simple affair. But today, choosing between postings, comments, photos, videos, polls and various other content options is a challenging task we’ll explain.
  • Tabs & Apps
    By using FBML or enabling the right apps, your Facebook Timeline can be easily customized into your own style. There are also various scenarios in which you’d want to lead traffic to custom tabs and enable Like gates.


[tab title=”Day 2 Topics”]

  • Fan Generation Strategies
    The lifeblood of a successful Facebook campaign is a huge amount of active fans. Whether your goal is 1000 fans or a 100,000 fans – we’ll break down strategies other businesses have used into a plan for you.
  • Fan Engagement Strategies
    While getting fans is critical, activating those fans through engagement campaigns is also very important. We’ll expose the engagement plans & strategies of big and small fan pages alike.
  • Advertising & Insights
    Facebook offers various advertising options including the most popular CPC ads you see on the right. We’ll share our lessons from past work on how to maximize the CTRs, minimize CPCs and measure the ROI from these ads.
  • Social Website Plugins
    There are many ways to link your Facebook activity to your website – from Facebook Connect, to Like buttons, to Activity Feeds, Comments plugin and Facepile – all of these can bring an exciting social element to your site.




Curriculum & Details

Over the course of the two day, hands-on workshop, we’ll cover all the critical parts of Facebook Marketing including
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  • History of Facebook
  • The overall Digital Landscape
  • Facebook Page Principles
  • Naming, Customization and FBML
  • User Access & Administration
  • FB Insights and Analytics
  • Fan Generation Strategies
  • Content Strategies & Wall Posts
  • Facebook Advertising Options
  • Social FB Plugins for Websites




Facebook Videos & News

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