site optimization masterclass

Join Singapore’s Most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Learning Experience and Gain Hands-On Mastery

The Site Optimization Masterclass is a training course made of 3 modules, spanning 6 days that covers optimization of your website from SEO, Content, Design & Analytics perspectives. After this course, you’ll be able to effective optimize your website for more traffic and higher conversion rates.

The course is designed for web designers, web programmers, senior managers, marketing practitioners, advertising practitioners and anyone interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of increasing website traffic & conversion rates.

Upon completing the course, you’ll also gain several valuable certifications including:

  • Google Analytics Certification Exam
  • Certificate in SEO & Content Marketing
  • Certificate in UI/UX Design

All the courses (if registered separately) would cost S$4,500 +GST for this course, but with the bundle cost only S$2,700 +GST.

Modules Included In The Course


More Info

Google Analytics (2 Days, 16 – 17 Jun 2016) Google Analytics (Analysis + Technology) + Certification Exam)

Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing (1 Day, 23  Jun 2016) On Site SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building & Content Promotion

UI/UX Design for the Web & Social Media (1 Day, 08 Jun 2016) Website, Landing Pages, EDMs, Infographics, SlideShares, Social Media Post & Profiles Design