Aug 2009

Video WordPress Tutorials – Working With Your WordPress Site

On this page, you’ll find wordpress tutorials on how to edit your site and add new content to your site. These are especially designed for our clients, but anyone with WordPress sites can follow these instructions to manage their sites. Some of these videos are based on slightly older versions of WordPress, but you should still be able to find the same options once you log in.

Important Note – If you’re having trouble listening to the audio on these videos, here’s what you do … click the “Play” button and let the video start playing. Then click ahead on the video’s progress bar to a point, when you can hear the audio. When you hear the audio, just click back to the beginning of the video … and then you should be able to hear the Audio.

WordPress Tutorial 1 – Editing Pages On Your Site

If you need any help, please email [email protected]

WordPress Tutorial 2 – Adding New Posts/Photos/Paintings To Your Site

If you need any help, please email [email protected]